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Introducing our law firm
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Introducing GB Legal

Recognising the importance of personalised attention to clients' diverse legal requirements, Dr. Giannella Barbieri LL.D launched GB Legal, offering a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses beyond corporate and commercial law.

Our Services

Corporate & Commercial Law

GB Legal specialises in providing comprehensive legal support for corporate law matters. From contract negotiation to mergers and acquisitions, we offer strategic guidance to help businesses navigate complex legal challenges.

Contract Drafting & Legal Reviews

Allow us to manage your contracts and documentation, offering expertise in contractual advice and comprehensive support in contract drafting, commercial agreements, and frameworks.


We provide comprehensive legal counsel on employment law matters, ensuring that businesses and employees are well-informed and protected. GB Legal offers proactive solutions to address employment-related challenges, and can also assist with the preparation of the necessary policies and procedures, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Yacht & Aircraft

Assistance with yacht and aircraft registration, as well as conducting legal reviews of the sale and purchase agreements and other documentation relating to the leasing or chartering of the asset.

Bringing Legal Excellence to Your Business

Dr. Giannella Barbieri LL.D

News & Updates of GB Legal

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